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We had 2 of this item in stock at the time of the last update.

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Easy to Understand User Interface - A simplified keypad and display with familiar Scan, Pause, Skip and Navigation controls make it easy for you to use your WS1095. Behind the scenes, Whistler's exclusive Object Oriented database runs
the show, with support for millions of stored objects, limited only by SD Card capacity.
The Complete RadioReference USA and Canada Database On Standard SD Card - The entire USA and Canada databases from www.radioreference.com are stored on a standard SD Card that is included with the WS1095, giving you access to the most
comprehensive radio data available without connecting the WS1095 to a computer or the Internet! Free downloads of updated database, CPU and DSP firmware.
Improved P25 Functionality - The WS1095 detects and masks digital voice audio, and decodes RadioID/TalkgroupID data embedded in voice packets.
Upgradeable CPU Firmware, DSP Firmware and Library - Keep your radio's CPU and DSP firmware and RadioReference library current with enhancements and updates as they become available with free upgrades!
SD Card - Uses an industry standard SD Card to store the RadioReference data library and all of your programming - capacity for millions of stored objects! Supports cards up to 32 GB
Full USB Interface - Industry standard Composite Device USB interface with USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) and Serial Data (CDC) support. Access the SD Card without removing it from the radio, stream decoded Control Channel data and
upgrade your radio's firmware over USB. Mini USB cable included.
Powerful WS1095 PC Application Software Included - Customize existing programming or add new objects to scan, and keep your WS1095 firmware and Library data up to date.
SKYWARN Storm Spotter Functionality - Instant access to frequencies used by storm spotter networks. You can monitor storm conditions as they occur, and become aware of dangerous conditions before the media or emergency management
officials are able to announce them to the general public.
SAME and All Hazards Weather Alerting - The WS1095 features a Dedicated SAME Weather Alert Receiver mode, alerting you to severe weather and other hazards in the specific area(s) that you select, or, the WS1095 can check your local NOAA
weather frequency periodically, even while scanning, and alert you when an All Hazards alert occurs.
Multi-System Trunking - Scans most common analog trunked radio system signaling formats, including P25, Motorola, EDACS and LTR. Both talkgroup and individual call monitoring are supported.
Powerful Spectrum Sweeper - Quickly sweeps the WS1095's frequency ranges for transmissions from nearby sources. When a nearby transmission is found, the WS1095 automatically tunes to that frequency and receives the traffic. Lock out
found frequencies and continue searching the same band.
200 Scanlists - The WS1095 provides the unprecedented ability to group your stored objects using up to 200 Scanlists plus a special Skywarn scanlist. Objects can be mapped to as many Scanlists as desired, giving you complete flexibility
for grouping objects and selecting groups in any combination for scanning.
Scan Sets - Scan Sets expand the functionality of Scanlists by allowing you to define different combinations of enabled Scanlists as Scan Sets, then you can select one or more Scan Sets for scanning using a simple menu system. With
Scanlists and Scan Sets you have unlimited possibilities for grouping, enabling and disabling objects for scanning.
Expanded V-Scanner II Storage System - With the expanded V-Scanner II (VS-II) storage system, you can use the WS1095 PC Application to save up to 200 V-Scanner configurations on the SD Card, which can be recalled at any time in the
field using the radio's keypad.
Audio Recording - Record received audio from selected objects and searches to the SD card. Replay recorded audio using powerful built-in playback system or transfer to PC for playback and archiving. Record up to 100 hours of audio on
the 4 GB SD card
Built-In Clock/Calendar - Date and time stamp recorded audio files.
Built-in Service Searches - Predefined service search ranges make it easy to find activity in your area.
Whislter's Exclusive Alert LED - Programmable tri-color LED displays thousands of colors that can be used to indicate different types of activity or activity on special channels. Program color sequences with multiple colors for special
alerts, even emulate the red/blue strobe of police vehicles.
Audible Alarms - Programmable audible alarms can be configured to sound when certain objects are active.
Programmable Backlight and Alert LED Flash Patterns - The backlight can be programmed to flash with custom flash patterns when certain objects are active, providing another way alerting the operator when important radio traffic is
Signal Strength Meter - Shows relative strength of received signals. Slim, compact case design with textured exterior finish and large speaker - Designed for durability and ease of use.

EZ SCANT Digital Scanning Receiver

Spectrum Sweeper
25-54 MHz VHF Low Band
108-137 MHz VHF Aircraft Band
137-174 MHz VHF High Band
216-300 MHz 220 MHzCommercial/Amateur Band
300-406 MHz UHF Military Air Band
406-470 MHz UHF Band
470-512 MHz UHF-T Band
764-782 MHz 700 MHz Band
791-797 MHz 700 MHz Band
806-869 MHz 800 MHz Band
894-1300 MHz 900 MHz Band, 23 cm Amateur Band

Public Safety
33.4-46.5 MHz VHF Low Band
151-170 MHz VHF Aircraft Band
453-467 MHz VHF High Band
764-782 MHz 700 MHz Band
791-797 MHz 700 MHz Band
806-869 MHz 800 MHz Band

Included Accessories

Antenna, USB cable, SD Card, AC Adapter, DC Power cord, Mounting brackets w/hardware, LAN cable, Users Guide

Optional Accessories



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